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Our mission is to to become a leader in providing effective, affordable ACT test preparation services to families who may not have afforded this is the past.

In addition, we are striving to provide underprivileged children in grade levels K-12 a resource where they can improve their understanding of selected subjects without intimidating circumstances or atmospheres. We would like to increase the overall percentages of children passing the state's basic skills test one child at a time. Children of all cultural groups, all grade levels and especially in financially challenged households deserve every opportunity to improve their education regardless of their parent’s perceived status in today’s society.

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Thank you for your help with J...’s preparation for his ACT test.  We got his results back today and he scored a 30.  I am sure that your assistance helped him get there.  He scored a 35 on math, 32 on English, 27 on reading and a 25 in science.  

Donna was very helpful for J.... and we appreciate the time she spent with him.  She was able to work with him on the sections of the test where his scores have  been less than stellar. 

I think we’re all set for the tutoring.  Donna was effective and well worth it to us.  We would be happy to provide recommendations if you ever need any.

∼ JB - a one on one ACT test prep student from Livonia, MI who took the ACT in March 2013