K-12 Tutoring
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K-12 Tutoring

Our K-12 online tutorial is a comprehensive academic program that can be customized by our qualified instructors to focus in on areas where your child needs improvement. You say your eighth grade son is having difficulty passing the State Standards Basic Skills Test? No problem! Our instructors will first assess your child and then assign a curriculum based on the results. Your child need not know he is being taught at possibly a lower grade level, he just needs to learn at his own pace and improve. Subject areas are comprehensive and include Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Our online instructors provide progress reports the old fashioned way by regular mail and via e-mail directly to you the parent(s). We are always available for any assistance you may need.  For more information call our TOLL FREE number at 1-866-320-4753.

My first daughter in 2013 took your group ACT class (Rochester, MI) and went from an ACT 27 to ACT of 30. My second daughter took your class  in 2014, her first ACT test was a 26 ,the next ACT test was a 30 also. Both the girls said going to the classes made all the difference. The instructors were very helpful, the techniques that where taught,the skill of timing and the concepts of test taking  helped them get a great ACT score and also improved their High school exam scores as a bonus.
          Thank you,  A.M.

∼ Mother of 2 daughters from Stoney Creek HS who enrolled in Acadamia's ACT Prep Class. Most recent daughter took the ACT exam on March 4, 2014