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ACT Test Prep

Our ACT test prep is provided either in a face-to-face classroom or through our very popular, engaging and interactive, live online course.  The instructional book we use is an outstanding resource written by experienced ACT instructors with over 20 years of experience.   On average, over 73% of our students increase their score by a minimum 3 points from an actual ACT pre test to an actual post-class ACT test. 

We have an assortment of classes to fit your needs from one-on-one to classroom.  We also have 2 week condensed crash courses in addition to our 2 day last minute boot camp class.   Our one-on-one classes can be spread out over 6 weeks or provided over a 2 week time period (generally this is the minimum amount of time for most effective results).

ACT Practice Tests

A practice test is an excellent opportunity to see how your child will do on the actual exam.  We offer these practice tests numerous times throughout the year.  You can even take the test in the convenience of your own home.  Register for our $10 practice tests now by calling 1-866-320-4753 or checking out 'Live Online Classes' in the class section by clicking here.


K-12 Classroom and Online Tutoring

Need help in Math?  English?  Science?  We're here to help.  Our K-12 classroom and online tutorial is a comprehensive academic program that can be customized by our qualified instructors to focus in on areas where your child needs improvement.  Is your son or daughter having difficulty passing the State Standards Basic Skills Test or just struggling with homework? No problem! Our instructors will first assess your child and then assign a curriculum based on the results.  Your child need not know he is being taught at possibly a lower grade level, he just needs to learn at his own pace and improve.  Subject areas are comprehensive and include Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Our instructors provide progress reports the old fashioned way of regular mail and via e-mail directly to you the parent(s).  We are always available for any assistance you may need.

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Hi Mr. Becker,

I was recently enrolled in your 6 week long course at Stoney Creek high school in Rochester, MI.  I am writing to you about Amanda Chappell, my instructor for English/Reading.  Previously taking your helpful class, I received a 23, 25, 25, and 25 on the ACT.  I hated it!  My goal was to get higher than a 27 when I first started off Junior year.  After being disappointed many times, I signed up for your class.  Mrs. Chappell is a wonderful instructor! I had a 25 on English previously and a 20 on Reading.  In order for my score to go up, I needed basically 5 points each on both. She thoroughly explained every English rule and gave me her cell so whenever I had questions when studying, I could text her them. 10 o'clock at night or 7 in the morning she would answer my questions.  On my June ACT, I earned a 29 on English. Reading was more challenging and it didn't help that my schedule interfered with the class.  Mrs. Chappell sent me online courses where I could make up my work. She was very easy going about my changing schedule.  As I said reading wasn't easy, but with her CPR method and Touchdown method I earned a 25 on reading. 5 points better!! I wanted to let you know how great of a teacher she is and how wonderful of a program you have.  It helps students like me improve my score, love the Act, and enjoy taking them all at the same time!!

Thank you again!  She's awesome!!

C. S.

∼ A courteous and unsolicited email from a Stoney Creek High School student who just received her ACT results from June 14th, 2014