Credit Recovery
increasing academic performance and scores

Credit Recovery

Assisting middle and high school students who have failed or are at risk of failing a course can be quite a challenge and we are here to help.  The backbone of our Credit Recovery course is a series of comprehensive assessments that test students in five core curricular subject areas - Mathematics, Literature and the Arts, Writing, Science, and Social Sciences.  Pretests pinpoint individual student skill deficiencies and automatically assign lessons that teach those skills. After students progress through the self-paced lesson material, post-tests measure and record academic gains, indicating whether students have displayed mastery of the lesson material.

Acadamia's program uses the proven instructional format of study, practice test, mastery test, and essay (or constructed response) to prepare students for the recovery of course credit or the prevention of course failure.  For more information call our TOLL FREE number at 1-866-320-4753.

Hi this is  SK. I feel that I benefited a lot from the Acadamia class at troy high school. I like how in the english and reading session the teacher split us up into groups and had us do the subject that we felt we needed most help in.  It helps a lot to interact with others in this type of study strategy. Also in math and science.  I liked how we could ask questions and get a nicely detailed answer.  Thanks to Joe Becker and the teachers for making this class possible.  Im sure my score will be great!

∼ From an 11th grade student enrolled in our March 3, 2015 ACT class at Troy High. His ACT composite score increased 10 points from pre to post test.