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About Us

This story begins in January of 2002 out of a small house that use to be a rectory that is still currently located on church property (but of a different denomination) on the east side of St. Paul, MN.  Fulfilling the needs of the church by helping educate some of the youth who have fallen behind we provided our tutorial program initially to a small group of children. Growth through word of mouth and the availability of state funds and grants we were able to offer our program nationwide and in the month March of 2002 a representative of Acadamia.net, Inc. met with a student and his mother in their home in Canton, Ohio and initiated our national tutorial program in math and language arts (reading and writing).  With the Internet air card yet to be invented our only option to deliver our online tutorial to this very first out of state Acadamia student was by way of the old horse and buggy method of Internet: dial up Internet connection.  Over ten years and 200,000 student hours later here we are continuing to serve K-12 students in all subject matter along with offering affordable and effective ACT test preparation courses.

Our K-12 online course is still offered in the homes, however, we are pleased to report and we are sincerely grateful that our tutorial is in school facilities in many districts around the country.  In addition, our ACT test prep courses are offered in the Detroit, MI and St. Paul/Mpls, MN metropolitan areas.  We also have a live, online ACT test prep course that has become very popular for the convenience and effectiveness.

How we got the name Acadamia.net, Inc.
It is a little known fact that when the famous rock band The Beatles came up with their name they were inspired by Buddy Holly and The Crickets and wanted a name with a similar loosely defined double meaning (they erroneously thought Buddy cleverly included a hugely popular British sport in his name) and we like to believe there is a similar line of thought when we came up with our company name.  Changing a child's grade letter from a C, D, or F to an 'A' is our specialty and this what we represent.  A place of instruction AND changing grades to A's is the double meaning here and it could be our motto as indicated in the name.  Although we do have rock star instructors we are not exactly in the entertainment business, however, some students have expressed our instructors have outstanding performances.  Actually the name we wanted, the correctly spelled term, was already used for a website address and we had to make a slight change in order to be established in the virtual world, our initial work space.  This latter correct explanation is a little boring so we spiced it up a bit for entertainment value just like we do with our classroom instruction which can be boring if allowed for an 11th grader learning about how to score well on a difficult, unfair and boring exam like the ACT.    

ACT Instructors
To be hired by Acadamia, our instructors must have a college degree in the related field they are teaching - either math/science or English/reading and they must have scored an overall composite score of at least a 29 on the ACT.  All instructors must complete a training session that focuses on effective initial motivation, effective classroom instruction, intervention procedures, parent communication and administration.   Our instructors are required to complete a 3 hour professional development course throughout the year between national ACT exam dates.  All instructors are required to be heavily monitored and evaluated to ensure high value classroom instruction is provided to all students.

Not only do we focus on knowledge and competence, our instructors must also pass the very rigorous 11 grader snoozology test.  If, during our evaluation and monitoring, we find the instruction may lead to an increase of sleepiness or the possibility of losing a student to 'lala land', we'll have the instructor reinvigorate their lesson plan.  We do this by requiring them to sit and watch 10 continuous hours of Richard Simmon's exercise videos.  Actually, we don't take it to this level but we do discuss a change in approach as we are talking about instructing mostly 11th graders, a pretty tough audience at times.  Anyway, you get the idea of our requirements and standards.  Now let's meet our senior instructors by clicking here.

Browse around and see what we have to offer and if there's something you can't find give us a call as we have live people who answer the phones and are pleased to be of assistance.

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Overall great customer service and tutoring.  Would definitely have Ma_____ enroll in Acadamia tutorng again :)

∼ SD - mother of a 3rd grader from Pasco, WA during the 14-15 school year